Sunday, February 24, 2013


First, we the coordinators want to thank all of you who submitted to this call. Due to the amount of entries, the jurors had a lot of amazing work to choose from, making it all the more difficult. With the collaboration of Scott Dietrich and Ellen Wallenstein, we present you to the final list of selected artists for the
First MFA Photography Juried Exhibition

Alphabetical (last name)

1. Deanne Andrus

2. Allison Barnes

3. Jamie Carayiannis

4. Louise Field

5. Sergei Isaenko

6. Ashley Jones

7. Gina Phillips

8. Naimar Ramirez

9. Jagrut Raval

10. Casey Riggs

11. Ian Rillet

12. Kate Wimer

Juror, Ellen Wallenstein wrote a personal note, addressed to all who submitted:

Judging from on-line entries is certainly not the easiest though it is the most convenient way to look at work from a thousand miles away. There is no way to really ascertain the power of the printed image - some entries looked great online while others did not translate well, especially those involving alternate processing. I would have liked to see all the actual pictures.

The photographs came first. Looking at the five images as a whole came next. Thirdly, I re-read the statements and thought about how they meshed with the work.  In some cases (those I didn’t pick) I felt that the set of 5 were not totally strong as a whole, or that one threw it off, or that I’ve seen that kind of work before, done better.  (Sorry, but that’s reality.)

Also where some concepts and styles seemed similar I picked the ones that spoke most forcefully to me.

As someone who has taught and practiced darkroom principles for decades, I’ve been rather slow to embrace and appreciate digital image making, especially those in which the skill of using a photoshop program seems to be the point of the images.  That’s my prejudice and my truth, though I tried to stay open to everything and everyone.

There is a great diversity of work here, and all of it (chosen or not) is exciting and most meaningful. Congratulations to you all.

Thank you for the opportunity to jury this exhibition.

Ellen Wallenstein
New York City

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We want to thank all students who submitted to the First MFA Photography Juried Exhibition. The jurors received an amazing spectrum of work! Cheers to an amazing show in April, and cheers to our jurors for their thoughtful participation.

Selected artists will be announced here by the end of February. Stay tuned!